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21 Best Things To Do In Brighton

Brighton is a seaside resort on the south coast of England. It’s one of the two main areas of the city of Brighton and Hove and is just 47 miles south of London.

This vibrant coastal city is known for its creativity and diversity and is packed full of things to do and see.

Famous attractions include the historical Brighton Palace Pier and the unique Royal Pavilion. As well as a large marina, a busy seafront and numerous theatres, art galleries and live music venues.

In addition, there’s plenty of independent shops and boutiques, cafes, restaurants, old English pubs and tea shops to enjoy.

So here’s our choice of best things to do in Brighton.

1. Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Palace Pier is definitely one of the top fun things to do in Brighton.

Founded in 1899, and 525m in length, it’s the most popular tourist attraction in the city.

From candy floss & churro stalls, to amusements and caricature artists, it’s the ultimate seaside haven you’ve always imagined.

Take time to enjoy rides and attractions, food and drinks and make sure to save a huge chunk of your day to adventure on the Pier.

To see exactly what’s on at the Pier, you can check the latest info on the Brighton Pier website.

Brighton Palace Pier Brighton Pier Fun Things To Do In Brighton
One of the most famous piers in England.

2. Walk The Promenade

The promenade is just a beautiful place to be.

There’s one main walkway along the southern coastal strip and it runs parallel to the famous pebble beach. From here you can see the Palace Pier from a distance on the beach walk below.

As you walk the promenade, you’ll pass many hipster shops, vibrant outdoor pubs, mini golf, beach volleyball and more.

The promenade begins at Brighton Pier and runs all the way past the Upside Down House and the British Airways Ai360.

No matter where you stroll, you’ll see colour, happiness and people being nothing but themselves. That’s what’s so lovely about Brighton.

A great way to get around all the attractions is via the City Sightseeing Brighton: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour.

Brighton Promenade Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Lauren swapped her shoes for a prom walk.

3. Volks Electric Railway

Ride along Brighton’s Seafront on a 135 year old electric railway.

Folks railways was created by a Brighton inventor and clockmaker’s son and it’s the oldest electric railway in the world.

If you’re planing to conquer all of Brighton by foot, the Volks Railway could be a little treat to rest your feet. You can relax whilst viewing the seaside town in a different light.

The Volks Railway journey is really enjoyable, whether you’re an adult or a child.

It has a really interesting history and it’s bound to keep the kids occupied for the duration of your weekend in Brighton.

Volks Electric Railway Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
The old Volks Electric Railway.

4. Fish & Chips

Whether you’re from the UK or not, you will learn at some point that a standard British meal is fish and chips.

If you want to be super traditional, you can have fish and chips at the seaside.

Growing up, fish and chips at the seaside would be a common fun day out with the family and most of us have everlasting memories from these special times.

Like pad thai in Thailand, bratwurst in Germany and croissants in France, fish and chips in the most English seaside town of Brighton is something you have to tick off your bucket list.

Fish And Chips Brighton Pier Fun Things To Do In Brighton
A stop at the beach for chippy chips.

5. Upside Down House

The Upside Down House is certainly one of the more peculiar and fun attractions to add to your Brighton itinerary.

It’s a unique family attraction allowing you to take funny pictures to share with your friends and family. 

From a photograph the illusion of being upside down is pretty cool and tops all the selfies you can get from the seaside.

This art installation has received great feedback from tourists and media for it’s value for money and unique entertainment. As well as having people rush down to capture their Brighton Instagram shot.

For more information on ticketing and prices, you can check the Upside Down House website.

Upside Down House Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Getting all upside down.

6. Walk The Lanes

The Lanes in Brighton are a lively neighbourhood, packed with upmarket restaurants, quaint tea rooms, and traditional pubs serving real ale.

Down the narrow twisty alleyways, you’ll find independent jewellers and tiny, high-end antiques shops.

You can spot anything from quirky wall art to talented buskers in The Lanes, which was once the hub of the old fishing town Brighthelmstone.

The Lanes Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
The Lanes is full of boutique shops and cafes.

7. Amusements & Rides

The most traditional of all the fun things to do is to go on the rides and visit the amusements.

Similar to places like Hunstanton and Bournemouth, the old, retro style fair ground, located at the end of Bright Palace Pier, is a guaranteed afternoon of fun.

With many different rides and prizes available for the adrenaline junkies and also the faint-hearted, there’s something for everyone.

Save up your 2p’s and grab a keyring to take home. It’s tradition.

Amusements Brighton Pier Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Who doesn’t love the seaside amusements.

8. Brighton i360

Brighton i360 is an innovative project that has created an iconic landmark on the famous Brighton seafront at the landward end of the former West Pier.

The tower opened on 4 August 2016.

For the best views over Brighton, this observation deck is where you’ll find just that.

At 162m high, as you can imagine, it’s also one of the best places to watch sunset in Brighton.

The newly installed viewing tower holds many different events and activities from an interesting iDrop experience, to sky dining and yoga in the clouds.

You can book your Brighton i360 Ticket in advance, and even get offers on drinks included from the bar.

British Airways i360 Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Brighton i360 from the promenade.
Brighton i360 Things To Do In Brighton
Brighton i360 entrance.
Brighton i360 Things To Do In Brighton
The bar in the sky.
Brighton i360 Things To Do In Brighton
Views overlooking Brighton Beach.

9. Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is a fascinating palace and is a Grade I listed former royal residence in the centre of Brighton.

It was built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV.

It has a colourful history and visual style of India and China. The palace itself is beautiful to look at from the many surrounding gardens.

If you fancy a look inside you can get your ticket at Royal Pavilion Admission Ticket.

People tend to pack a picnic and sit within or close to the grounds of the Royal Pavilion.

It also makes for one of the most Instagrammable places in Brighton!

Royal Pavilion Brighton Pavilion Fun Things To Do In Brighton
A moment alone at the Royal Pavilion.
Royal Pavilion Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
Exploring the Pavilion grounds.

10. The Old Pier (Brighton West Pier)

For over a century and a half the West Pier has been Britain’s most iconic pier. Renowned for its wonderful architectural style, it has been visited and enjoyed by millions.

Even today with its sculptural remains casting an eerie beauty over the seafront, the West Pier is still the most photographed building in Brighton.

It was designed by Eugenius Birch and opened in 1866. It was the first pier to be Grade I listed in Britain but has become increasingly derelict since its closure in 1975.

Although long closed and abandoned to the elements, miraculously it still survives as a symbolic feature of the Brighton seafront.

Old Pier Brighton West Pier Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Brighton Old Pier.

11. Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina is the largest Marina in the UK and has plenty to do for all ages, within its picturesque waterfront surroundings.

It’s a busy harbour with yachts and small sailboats cruising in and out.

Aside from boats, Brighton Marina is a chic shopping hub with fashion boutiques, galleries, and craft shops, plus casual eateries with terraces overlooking the water.

The Volk’s Electric Railway also shuttles between the marina and Brighton Pier. So you can head down for a bite to eat, plus more entertainment after a day of shopping down The Lanes and winning key rings at the Brighton Pier amusements.

With an 8 screen cinema, 26- lane recently refurbished bowling alley, glow in the dark golf and casino, there’s never a dull moment.

On the street that runs parallel to the Marina, you will also find the Brighton Walk of Fame that honours stars with local links.

Brighton Marina Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Busking on the promenade at Brighton Marina.

Le Roy Art Gallery is a surreal journey of psychedelic, dark fairytale paintings in 3D in an old Victorian gallery in central Brighton.

Situated in a 3 storey 1780 fisherman’s cottage, it’s an ideal setting for Sara le Roy’s darkly humurous fairy tale painting series.

Red/blue 3D glasses need to be worn to see the effect of the peculiar, unique style paintings.

Visitors can explore through narrow corridors & stairs at their own pace, to interact with paintings in a whole new way.

If your creativity is running wild, Le Roy Art Gallery should certainly be on your list of places to visit.

Le Roy Art Gallery Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
The entrance to Le Roy Art Gallery.

13. Wall Art

Brighton is a vibrant and artistic community, so it’s easy to find incredible pieces of art work when exploring the seaside town.

You don’t have to search far and wide to find the stunning Instagram backdrops of Brighton.

Locals and tourists alike, stop and admire all the artwork scattered around the town.

The colours along with the talent behind the art gives off a real motivational and happy vibe.

Wall Art Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Lauren found herself a turtle.
Wall Art Things To Do In Brighton
An example of the hundreds of murals on display in Brighton.

14. Mini Golf

With a couple of options along the seafront, the most popular mini golf is just to the left of Brighton Palace Pier.

It can’t be missed with the large inflatable Slush Puppie dog waving around.

So if you fancy bringing your competitive streak to the forefront, why not add mini golf to your list.

Crazy Golf Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Seafront mini golf is always a hit.

15. Snoopers Paradise

When visiting Brighton, you must make time to visit snoopers paradise.

It sells vintage EVERYTHING!

Whether it’s to fit in amongst the colourful, diverse crowd of Brighton or to take something home, this little gem can’t be missed.

Situated in North Laine Bazaar, Snoopers Paradise is the most renowned flea-market in the South of England.

Inside you’ll find over 90 different stalls offering a wide range of antiques, collectables, jewellery and vintage, retro clothing.

Snoopers Paradise Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Having a snoop.

16. Shop North Laine

North Laine is a shopping and residential district of Brighton, representing a colourful mixture of small and diverse shops and independent traders.

Whether you’re looking for clothing, fashion, gifts, services, arts, crafts, entertainment, shops, pubs, bars and cafes you’ll find it all in the North Laine area of Brighton.

Once a slum area, its many pubs, cafes, theatres and museums now make it seen as Brighton’s bohemian and cultural quarter.

North Laine Brighton Shopping Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Lauren exploring North Laine.
North Laines Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
A busy Saturday in Brighton.

17. Prince Albert Pub

Situated on Trafalgar Street, the Prince Albert Pub is also known as The Home of the Free.

On the side of the building, you’ll find colourful, graffiti paintings of world-famous rock stars that have passed away. There’s even a scribble from Banksy on there too.

The iconic pub and its bold presence is sure to strike visitors making their way down from the train station to the North Lain area of the city.

Inside, and The Prince Albert is a maze of drinking dens, an antiquated sitting room and a small music memorabilia. Up stairs there is an events room with it’s own bar, that hosts plenty of live music gigs.

It is a pub with a sense of purpose and community, that so many towns and cities now completely lack.

Prince Albert Pub Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Charlie strolling past the Prince Albert Pub.
Prince Albert Pub Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
A traditional pub with a great community feel.
Prince Albert Pub Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
A cosy Saturday night in the Prince Albert.

18. Brighton Zip

For a breathtaking and fun activity, Brighton Zip is the longest and fastest zip wire on the south coast.

Located on the beachfront, just east of Brighton Palace Pier, the zip tower starting point stands at 30m high.

After climbing the spiral staircase up to the tower platform, you get to enjoy panoramic views of Brighton seafront, Palace Pier and more, before zipping off on your ride.

Flying along 300m of Brighton beach before reaching the landing platform, this exhilarating experience is a definite for all adrenaline junkies.

The Zip Brighton Zip Line Things To Do In Brighton
The Zip located on Brighton Beach.
The Zip Brighton Zip Line Things To Do In Brighton
One lady sending it down the zip line.
The Zip Brighton Zip Line Things To Do In Brighton
Flying high over the chip shops.

19. Go Camping

Let’s be honest, a day in Brighton is never enough to see everything worth seeing. So why not take a tent and make some memories that will last a life time.

We camped for two nights, just outside of the town. The place we stayed was called Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club Site and it was a great way to cover Brighton by having a cheap and enjoyable experience.

If you want to do it the real Brighton way, be a happy camper.

Camping Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Our campsite in Brighton.

20. Loading Bar

Located on the lower promenade of Brighton seafront, this gaming bar is right next to Brighton Pier. Open from midday until 11pm during the week and from 10am until 11pm at the weekend.

With classic arcade games, old and new consoles and over 100 board games to choose from, you are sure to find something to enjoy playing. You might even revisit some of your old favourite childhood games!

This is a great place to meet up and enjoy some free gaming along with some good food, especially for gaming enthusiasts.

Serving a video game themed, burger menu and brunch options, as well as coffee, cocktails, craft beer milkshakes and smoothies this makes for an ideal stop off for a bit of fun.

Loading Bar Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
The huge board game shelves at Loading Bar.
Loading Bar Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
A few of the classic arcade games.
Loading Bar Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
Each table comes with a playstation.

21. Eat Local

The trendy seaside town of Brighton has no shortage of great places to eat and drink.

Brighton has evolved over the years to become one of the hippest holiday hangouts in the country.

Some of my favourite places to eat are:

Happy Maki

The best sushi burritos around. With a vegan menu and great ethics, Happy Maki makes truly feel good food.

Happy Maki have a takeaway on Pool Valley and a 50 seater restaurant on Sydney Street North Lanes.

Crunch & Co

If you are looking for more of a snack, Crunch & Co sell artisan grilled sandwiches and speciality soups to take-away or eat-in.

Also located in the North Laine area of Brighton, they have a tasty selection of interesting sandwich fillings.

Bonsai Plant Kitchen

For delicious, South East Asian inspired vegan food this is THE spot.

Located in Baker Street, and serving small plates of plant based food, this friendly restaurant with a cool vibe is a great place to eat, even if you are not vegan!

White Rabbit

This popular and established pub in the North Laine area offers an awesome roast dinner along with lots of other tasty food.

All served in interesting and quirky surroundings, fitting of this vibrant area of Brighton.

Nowhere Man

If you’re looking for some super tasty, as well as vegan, pancakes, then this friendly and funky little eatery will definitely hit the spot.

Located in Upper North Street Brighton, this cafe serves delicious American pancakes and bagels along with coffee, tea and milkshakes.

Alternatively, you could be guided to all the best spots with the Brighton: Walking Food Tour.

Happy Maki Brighton Fun Things To Do In Brighton
Ready for a sushi burrito from Happy Maki.
Crunch & Co Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
Crunch & Co for the best toasties.
Bonsai Plant Kitchen Things To Do In Brighton
Bonsai with the best plant based Asian food.
White Rabbit Pub Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
The White Rabbit served up an unreal roast!
Nowhere Man Pancakes Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
Vegan pancakes at Nowhere Man.
Nowhere Man Pancakes Brighton Things To Do In Brighton
A cute, aesthetic little spot.

Where To Stay In Brighton


The Grand Brighton

The Grand Brighton has a magnificent location on Brighton’s seafront and is just a 10-minute walk from Brighton Pier.

The rooms have high-quality furnishings, including Egyptian cotton bed linen and bathrobes.

Each room includes free WiFi and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and some Sky channels.

With uninterrupted views of the seafront, the stylish cocktail bar and terrace serves traditional Sussex cream teas. Guests can also enjoy fantastic seafood in the GB1 restaurant.

In the heart of vibrant Brighton, this iconic hotel is a 5-minute walk from The Lanes shopping streets and a 10-minute walk away from the Royal Pavilion.


Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront

Overlooking the seafront, Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront is just 450 yards from the Brighton Pier and the Royal Pavilion.

It offers free WiFi throughout, a restaurant with sea views, a pool and a spa.

The air-conditioned rooms at the Jurys Inn Brighton Waterfront feature a Dream bed, a flat-screen TV and an en suite bathroom with free toiletries.

Guests can use the Health & Leisure club free of charge. Facilities include an indoor swimming pool, steam room, sauna and a fully equipped gym.


Home Brighton Backpackers

This backpacker’s accommodation is centrally located, just a 10-minute walk from Brighton Coach and Train Stations.

Home Brighton is a famous bar and music venue, in which The Cure and Jimmy Hendrix has previously performed.

There’s live music and DJ’s, food and drinks in the bar. Free high-speed WiFi is provided throughout the whole building.

Each morning Home Brighton offers free pancakes at breakfast. There is also a double fridge and a dry storage area provided in the kitchen and lounge.

For more places to stay in Brighton, you can check the latest prices on

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