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My Ultimate Travel Packing List – What To Take

I’ve put together the ultimate travel packing list to make sure you don’t leave anything behind on your trip. Here are all the things to take travelling.

The Ultimate Travel Packing List


Day Bag

I travel everywhere with a Roller Suitcase, and a Backpack.

These two are the first things I pull out when planning my travel packing list.

A large checked case is always ideal to leave at the accommodation when exploring, or easy to chuck in the back of the vehicle for the day.

Then you’ll want a day bag, to keep with you at all times, carrying your valuables plus any tech gear/accessories you need for the adventure ahead.

60L Douchebag Manfrotto Backpack Ultimate Travel Packing List Things To Take Travelling


Lightweight Rain Jacket
Hiking/Exploring Trainers
Flip Flops

Apart from the obvious – underwear, socks, and your day to day t-shirts and shorts, I’ve piled together a list of the essentials that maybe you’d have forgotten.

Firstly, one thing that’s always handy to have is a Lightweight Rain Jacket.

They roll up to virtually nothing and are a god’s send to keep at the bottom of your day bag. Especially when travelling to tropical climates as the weather can be so unpredictable!

At some point you’re probably going to need some sturdy Hiking/Exploring Trainers and some Activewear.

Those Flip Flops aren’t going to cut it when it comes to climbing a mountain or hiking to a view point. So I carry a pair of trainers everywhere I travel!

Another thing that I ALWAYS carry is at least one Swimsuit.

Even if I’m heading somewhere I don’t think I’ll need it, you never know when you’ll end up at an accommodation with a pool!

As for the evenings, you’ll probably want to shower and get straight into your comfy’s, so I recommend some Sweatpants and Flip Flops for down time.

If you’re staying in luxury accommodation however, don’t forget to pack some nicer clothes for your evening meals. Also don’t forget your Pyjamas!

Also, if you’re above a certain altitude, the evenings can get a little chilly so a Sweatshirt/Fleece is always handy to have in your luggage.

The most important thing to remember when organising your travel packing list, is that all clothing should be casual and comfortable!

If you’re an explorer like me, you’ll likely be wearing your chosen outfit for up to 8-10 hours a day.

Clothing Ultimate Travel Packing List Things To Take Travelling

Weather Dependant

Beanie Hat

Depending on the time of year, or destination you’re heading to, some countries may require some extra layers.

These items are definitely more for a trip dependant travel packing list.

However, if there’s ever any doubt (and you have room in your luggage) definitely chuck in Thermals/Leggings, a Snood, a Beanie Hat and a pair of Gloves anyway.

Winter Ultimate Travel Packing List Things To Take Travelling

Sun Protection

Sun Cream
Aloe Vera

These few items are key! If you’re travelling to somewhere hot, you’ll likely be spending long days in the direct heat. So all of the above you’ll definitely need.

I‘ve been through a few too many pairs of cheap Asian market Sunglasses. So have learnt the hard way to invest in a decent pair of sunnies.

Also, like the Lightweight Rain Jacket, a Cap is always easy to chuck in the bottom of your day bag to help avoid the sun!

Also, please don’t save it until you get there when it comes to sunscreen.

I’ve bought cheap, watered down Sun Cream from markets, and even convenient stores, in Asia and definitely suffered the consequences.

If it’s cheap, it’s probably cheap for a reason. Grab it before you go!

If you do get burnt however, it’s a necessity to apply some kind of Aloe Vera or soothing gel.

If you’re on a tight schedule you don’t want to be wasting too many days sitting indoors recovering!

Sun Protection Ultimate Travel Packing List Things To Take Travelling

Safety/First Aid

Hand Sanitiser
Deet (Mosquito Repellant)
Anti Malaria Tablet
First Aid Kit

These travel packing list items are pretty self explanatory.

The most important thing to do, is to visit your local GP as far in advance as possible before your trip.

I’m not a doctor, and never give recommendations on destinations, so it’s best to find out from a professional exactly what vaccinations you need.

A few things I can advise though, is to pack Hand Sanitiser, a bottle of Deet (strong repellant), as well as a First Aid Kit.

These are all things I always keep in my bags when travelling.

Doxycycline Malaria Tablets Ultimate Travel Packing List Things To Take Travelling

Camera/Tech Gear

Spare Battery
SD Card
Portable Powerbank
External Hard Drive

One of my most commonly asked questions, is how I take all of the photos seen on my Instagram. And of course, camera gear plays a big part in that.

I shoot on the Sony a7iii with a 24-70mm f/4 Vario-Tessar lens.

I use the Sony a7iii for all of my travel photography.

It’s light, easy to use and the perfect camera to explore the world with. In terms of lenses, I tend to rely on a 24-70mm lens for most of my photos.

When buying a camera make sure to grab a Camera Case, Camera Strap, Spare Battery & SD Card.

For a secure set up, you’ll need 2 x batteries and 2 x SD Cards.

It would be a shame to have something fail on you while you’re out exploring, so it’s always good to have a back up.

The next thing on the list, if you’re looking to take professional photos of yourself without relying on strangers, is a Tripod.

A key part of my travel photography gear, I use either a Zomei or a Manfrotto tripod.

So if you’re carrying all of this equipment around, then a Portable Powerbank is a must.

I live and die by my Anker PowerCore 20100, mainly for my iPhone 14 Pro, but it also comes in handy to charge my camera batteries as well!

Even if you think your electronics are fully charged, at some point on your trip, they’re going to die when you least want them to.

Don’t risk missing the perfect photo opportunity because you’ve got a flat battery!

Next up it’s the heavier stuff. Not only do I do all of my editing and work on a Mac, but it’s the root of everything I own.

If you’re serious about working online or working whilst travelling, you’re going to need to carry your laptop with you. I’ve met too many people on the road that regret not taking theirs with them.

Hand in hand with the Laptop comes the External Hard Drive.

I back up EVERYTHING I do on my SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD, just incase my Mac ever dies on me, or the iCloud magically disappears.

In fact to play it extra safe, I also keep another one at home and back up EVERYTHING again when I arrive home from trips.

Added extras people tend to chuck in are either a Kindle or an iPad and of course a solid pair of Headphones to keep them entertained on long journeys.

Canon 90D Travel Photography Gear Flat Lay


Money Belt
Universal Adapter
Revolut Card (Travel Card)
Travel Insurance
Reusable Water Bottle
Waterproof Phone Case
Travel Wallet
Travel Padlocks
Laundry Bag
Neck Pillow
Microfibre Quick Dry Towel
Packing Cubes
Waterproof Dry Bag

Ok, into the nitty gritty, personal preference stuff.

I don’t actually carry a Money Belt personally, but they are super popular amongst travellers!

I tend to rely on my Revolut Card and split cash between up between bags when on the move.

One thing I do carry though are a couple of Universal Adapters.

Don’t get caught arriving in a new country with no means of charging your electronics. A Universal Adapter with multiple country sockets and USB charger is a game charger!

Travel Insurance is another thing you MUST have when travelling anywhere.

I use and go on to explain why I use them in depth in the following section of the travel packing list so I’ll come on to that shortly.

Moving on, one thing there’s rarely an excuse for when travelling anymore is single use plastic.

It’s way better for the planet, plus it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Grab a reusable water bottle before you head off, it’s something I’m pretty passionate about.

Hydro Flask are one of the biggest named brands and ever so durable when getting bashed about on your travels!

Most accommodations will have a refillable water point, so you can top up whilst at your hotel and take it out on adventures with you.

Speaking of water, if you’re heading to anywhere near a pool or the ocean (which you probably are) then a Waterproof Phone Case is always a great thing to have with you!

LifeProof are the leading waterproof phones cases on the market. You can simply clip them on and off as and when you need it, and the LifeProof cases even guarantee underwater depths of up to 2 metres!

A Travel Wallet is pretty self explanatory, and absolutely key for the organiser of the trip.

My travel wallet stores my passports, travel documents, visas, insurance papers and itineraries in it.

I try to keep all of the important stuff in one place when travelling so it never goes missing and it’s easy to find when I need it!

Next up, Travel Padlocks! You’re definitely going to want to keep your bags as secure as possible on your travels.

I carry two padlocks, one for my suitcase, and one for my day bag.

I also prefer the numbered locks over a padlock with a keys, as a key is just another thing to worry about and potentially go missing.

A Laundry Bag is something you’d be surprised how many people forget!

If you hadn’t thought about a separate compartment for your dirty laundry then you definitely should!

I always have a laundry bag when I’m on the move as it’s easier to keep on top of your clothing.

Basically, just grab one for the stinky clothes, because they WILL get stinky! Rather than having them mixing around with all your clean clothes.

If you can find a fold away Neck Pillow that you love it will change the way you travel.

No more dreading long uncomfortable journeys. Just pop it out and you’ll be sweet for hours.

The Everlasting Comfort Pillow even comes with ear plugs and an eye mask!

Another thing I always keep tucked at the bottom of my case is a Microfibre Quick Dry Towel. Just for emergencies.

Although if you’ll be staying in hostels then many won’t provide towels, or will charge for them, so you’ll save a lot of money if you carry your own lightweight one!

Next up, whoever invented Packing Cubes deserves a medal!

For any seasoned traveller they’ll know how being on the road completely ruins the inside of your organised case. Well these things just make it that bit more organised.

One for t-shirts, one for underwear, one for electrical items etc. Packing Cubes are a god send!

The final item on the accessory list is one that most of you won’t need. However, for the divers, snorkelers, and people that love boat trips, a Waterproof Dry Bag may be worth taking.

A Dry Bag has definitely saved me on various occasions when island hopping around Philippines, Bali and Thailand.

So if you’re going to be heading out in the ocean, why not go prepared!

Quick Dry Towel Laundry Bag Ultimate Travel Packing List Things To Take Travelling

Travel Insurance

The words ‘travel insurance’ can be used to describe many different types of cover, but basically it’s there to protect you if/when things go wrong.

Simply put, I recommend SafetyWing.

I’ve used various companies since the beginning of my travels, but SafetyWing have by far been the most reliable and easy to communicate with whilst on the move.

You can buy and claim online, even after you’ve left home, and travel insurance from SafetyWing is available to people from 140 countries.

It’s designed for adventurous travellers, with cover available for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

And the best part is not only do they allow global cover, their online claim form means that it takes just 10 minutes filing a claim, rather than being on the phone for hours abroad trying to get through to customer service.

Trekking Cima Rosetta Pale Di San Martino Di Castrozza Trentino

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The Ultimate Travel Packing List


Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Do you guys have one of those rucksacks each or just one between you? I don't mean to sound stupid, just that me and my girlfriend we're planning on going for 3 months and we're thinking of around 50L for me and 45L for her, so just wanted to know. :')

Charlie Pauly

Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Hey, not stupid at all. We have one each, so a 65L each then a 15L each day bag that we take out on adventures. What you said sounds about right for you guys! Safe travels :)