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30 Best Restaurants In Bali

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Bali, here we break down the most popular spots for foodies, as we run through favourite Bali restaurants.

Best Restaurants In Canggu

Crate Cafe

Crate Cafe is one of the hottest spots off Batu Balong and is rated as one of the best restaurants in Bali for breakfast.

There’s an array of tasty food options at reasonable prices and they pile it high so, understandably, it does get pretty busy here.

From a variety of colourful chia and smoothie bowls to a selection of breakfasts, juices and coffees, there is something for everyone. Not forgetting plenty of vegan and gluten-free options.

A breakfast here will definitely set you up for the day but, although there is a large seating area, you may want to arrive early to guarantee a table.

Offering not only delicious food, but also a shop, a beautiful view and happening vibes. Definitely the place to be, this chill spot among the rice fields will keep you comfy for hours.

Crate Cafe Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Crate Cafe Canggu is great for catch ups
Crate Cafe Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
The Crate Cafe definitely delivered the goods

The Avocado Factory

The Avocado Factory has not been open long and they’re taking no time at all in making a great name for themselves!

Worth a spot on your Bali itinerary, any avocado lover or smoothie crusher will be in heaven at this little green hub.

It features an array of delicious and healthy avocado-based dishes, including toast, smoothie bowls, salads, and much more.

Who knew you could create so many different dishes with the humble avocado centre stage in almost every one! All presented like a piece of art!

Making The Avocado Factory, with its attentive, smiling staff and top quality food, already up there with the best restaurants in Bali. Oh, and how cute is this chillin’ little avo!

Avocado Factory Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Avocado everything at The Avocado Factory
Avocado Factory Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
The Avocado Factory killing it with the super healthy & nutritious choices of food and smoothies

Made’s Banana Flour Co.

The world’s 1st banana flour bakery – what more do you need to know.

All the flour they use to make their banana, cassava and spinach bread is gluten free. In addition, there’s also a great choice of sweet treats, including carrot cake, mini-donuts, pastries and more.

Making this a perfect for stop for everyone, especially people with food sensitivities.

Some of our favourites were the deliciously fresh banana pancakes, the waffles and of course the best banana bread we’ve ever tasted!

Conveniently located on Batu Balong, the main street in Canggu, we spent many a morning strolling down to kill our cravings!

This unique eatery is definitely up there as one of the best restaurants in Bali for breakfast!

Made's Banana Flour Co Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
The worlds 1st banana flour bakery
Made's Banana Flour Co Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
How can you resist this mix up at Made’s Banana Flour Co.

The Loft

You’ll recognise the insta-famous pink wall at The Loft as soon as you see it.

With the caption reading ‘You’ll see it when you believe it’ it’s hard not to miss. Definitely an Instagram number one of the best restaurants in Bali.

Open along Canggu’s main Batu Bolong strip from early in the day, you are sure of some good food, whatever time you call in.

This spacious and cool restaurant has a very relaxed vibe, along with some great food, making it a popular spot for friends to meet up and chill.

Serving food as colourful as its walls, it was one of the first places we visited in Canggu and it lived up to all expectations!

The Loft Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Feeling super laid back at The Loft
The Loft Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants
Do not miss the jackfruit burger!

Garden Canggu By Pizza House

If you are craving a taste of Italy, serving huge, delicious wood-fire pizzas, garlic bread, pasta and the best smoothies, this place has it in abundance.

Located in a pretty garden area, as well as an extensive pizza menu they also offer burgers, Asian dishes, salads, snacks, deserts and a large selection of drinks.

The refreshing, summery salads and fruity drinks are perfect to sit and enjoy in the garden during the daytime.

Or, the cosy lighting, tasty pizzas and live music, set the scene for a great evening. With the vintage style furniture and shack design roofs making it a really cool place to hang out with friends.

Also, once you’ve eaten, you can always stay and have a drink at the bar and continue to enjoy the relaxed vibes.

Garden Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
The cool mural at Garden Canggu
Garden Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Garden Canggu nailed it with the best pizza we’ve tried in Canggu


You don’t have to be Danish to appreciate the work of Copenhagen Canggu.

However, the food is obviously Nordic inspired, with choices including open faced sandwiches, salmon and chicken salads and the very popular cinnamon roll.

In addition, the option to create your own food board/smorgasbord, so that you can try a little bit of everything, is a great touch.

We though, can highly recommend the smashed avo on sourdough with boiled egg and homemade pickled onion!

From the cafe design to the tick box menu, this cutely decorated breakfast and lunch spot is incredible!

Copenhagen is definitely one of those spots that you will return to again and again. Oh, and don’t leave without trying their famous Nordic cinnamon rolls!

Copenhagen Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
Stylish design and simple yet stunning food
Copenhagen Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
Copenhagen Canggu – one of our new favourite brunch spots

Funky Pancakes

The name pretty much says it all!

This recently opened pancake heaven brings the soul and funk into Canggu. With friendly staff and a great ambience, you could take in the 70s vibes here for hours!

These healthy pancakes are available in sweet and savoury flavours. You can also create your own, add more layers, or funk up your pancake with more toppings.

Furthermore this nutritious, varied and easy meal can be enjoyed at any time of the day not just, as some may believe, for breakfast.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the signature ‘touch of Dutch’ pancakes – covered in peanut butter sauce, caramelised cantaloupe, and chocolate chips!

Funky Pancakes Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
Feeling the vibe at Funky Pancakes Canggu
Funky Pancakes Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
Definitely the stand alone pancake stop in Canggu

Gerua Indian & Multi-Cuisine

Let’s talk curry…

So if you’re looking for an Indian curry in Bali they’re pretty hard to come by. Which is why Gerua Indian & Multi-Cuisine on Batu Bolong is such a hit!

Their traditional Indian curries served with rice, raita and naan are to die for. We can strongly recommend their Aloo Gobi or Daal Fry to kick that curry craving!

They also have a well stocked bar, where the friendly bartender is happy to serve up delicious cocktails with a side snack of garlic roasted peanuts to start your evening off.

From attentive staff to amazing food at a reasonable price this is definitely THE spot for a curry!

Gerua Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
It’s all smiles and sunflowers at Gerua Canggu
Gerua Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
An Aloo Gobi and a Daal Fry at one of the best restaurants in Bali for Indian food

Bottega Italiana Bali

A quirky, hipster Italian restaurant, serving mouth watering, freshly cooked Italian food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

With the choice of fresh deli sandwiches or Nutella filled pastries, along with delicious hot and cold drinks, it’s a great spot to stop for breakfast/lunch and sit and watch the world go by.

Or, if you fancy a nice pasta dinner, just choose your pasta from tagliatelle, tagliolini, gnocchi, orecchiette or gramigne and then add your topping of choice. With bolognese, basil pesto and lots more to choose from.

They also offer a great selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well as a choice of wines and beers.

We spent many mornings tucked up in the corner of this popular Canggu restaurant, fulfilling our sweet tooth cravings and catching-up on work.

Bottega Italiano Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Bottega Italiano is the perfect place to chill, catch up with friends and enjoy and sweet or savoury breakfast
Bottega Italiano Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Bottega Italiano absolutely nailed the delicious pastries and coffee!

Ji Restaurant

Ji Restaurant Canggu is one of the most beautifully designed restaurants we’ve visited and definitely home to the best Japanese cuisine in Canggu.

The style is super authentic and the stone staircases and marble worktops really give the place a cultural feel. Which, as it sits in a beautifully reconstructed 311 years old temple, is understandable.

AND THE FOOD, well the food has completely made us fall in love with Japanese cuisine.

From scallop sushi with Wakame salad and Balinese sambal matah to Mekatoro Nigiri with avocado and ceviche sauce, there are plenty of mouthwatering dishes to choose from.

The restaurant is proud to offer ‘an exciting twist of flavours as well as a slight fusion of ingredients influenced by other Asian countries’. This certainly worked for us as our meal was absolutely delicious!

Ji Restaurant Canggu has really set a high standard for us now and they had dishes our taste buds will never forget.

Ji Restaurant Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Romantic meal at the beautiful Ji Restaurant Canggu Bali
Ji Restaurant Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Our delicious spread at Ji Restaurant Canggu


MyWarung is one of our favourite evening Canggu restaurants.

You can’t go wrong with this place for a chilled, high-end dining experience with a hipster twist, all at a reasonable price.

Serving a variety of Indonesian and international dishes, with just the right mix of fresh herbs and spices to produce the most amazingly flavoursome food.

The staff are really friendly and welcoming, making you feel comfortable from the moment you step through the door.

The vegan red curry is delicious and we may even come back to MyWarung to celebrate our anniversary as it has such a special feel to it.

This successful chain also has a few other eateries dotted around Bali!

MyWarung Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Perfect spot for a bit of fine dining with a twist
MyWarung Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Healthy goodies & vegan red curry were our choices at Mywarung Canggu

Gypsy Kitchen & Bar

A shabby chic, vintage heaven! This place really is beautiful and stood out with its cool evening vibes, good music and warm lighting.

The bohemian yet hip design begs you to sit back, grab a cocktail and enjoy some great food, including Bali’s freshest catches.

You can sit comfortably inside or outside and know you are going to enjoy some really professionally cooked and presented cuisine.

Serving everything from tuna tataki to roasted chicken, as well as some great vegetarian dishes, the food is super tasty and a little quirky.

We didn’t know what to expect when we ordered a whole roasted cauliflower but it came out looking beautiful and tasted so damn good!

Serving breakfast lunch and dinner every day, if you want quality food, drinks and good service, this is the place to go.

Gypsy Kitchen & Bar is also unquestionably one of the best restaurants in Bali for evening ambience!

Gypsy Kitchen & Bar Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Gypsy Kitchen & Bar is a great setting in the evening, perfect for a relaxed session with friends and cocktails
Gypsy Kitchen & Bar Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Our delicious food at Gypsy Kitchen & Bar Canggu

Best Restaurants In Seminyak

Coffee Cartel

One of our favourite food and coffee spots in Bali, let alone restaurants in Seminyak!

Serving their own rich and tasty coffee blend in a delightful setting, this very pink, boutique cafe also offers an extensive Australian and Indonesian fusion breakfast/lunch menu.

Catering for every sort of breakfast you could desire including bagels, acacia bowls, bacon, sausage and eggs as well as a variety of avocado and vegetarian dishes, the choice is impressive.

Then the lunch menu offers a selection of salads, burgers and fries along with smoothies and juices. As well as some tempting deserts.

Not only is the food delicious and the decoration so pretty, but the staff couldn’t be friendlier and more helpful!

Plus they can put selfies on your coffee! If you get the chance to visit Coffee Cartel, give them a high 5 from us!

Coffee Cartel Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak
Coffee Cartel Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak
The food and decoration at Coffee Cartel is just as amazing

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is one of the coolest spots in Seminyak with the prettiest food selection on offer.

Known for its beautifully decorated smoothie bowls and flashy drinks selection, we went a little fruity and overdosed on every strawberry flavoured option on the menu.

In addition, along with some colourful healthy options, Strawberry Fields is also famous for some of the best burgers in Bali, with interesting names like Lord Of The Rings Burger and Blame Bieber Burger!

This restaurant has beautifully presented and tasty food, a nice vibe, very cool decor, as well as super friendly staff.

And, although everywhere in Bali makes pretty-looking food, we think that Strawberry Fields serves the prettiest food we found.

Strawberry Fields Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Having a blast at Strawberry Fields Seminyak Bali
Strawberry Fields Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
The healthy and colourful spread at Strawberry Fields Seminyak

Nalu Bowls

The original king of the smoothie bowl, nothing we tried came close to the bowls that Nalu Bowls have to offer. (They are a few other Nalu Bowls dotted around Bali.)

This amazing little restaurant/cafe offers healthy breakfast, lunch, and dessert options, prepared from fresh Balinese ingredients. Including homemade granola and a delicious selection of fruits.

You can eat at the small smoothie bar at the front, which seats about four people, or grab a take-away.

With its relaxed and friendly vibe, along with delicious, healthy food, Nalu Bowls attracts lots of travellers and is especially popular with the surf crowd.

Lastly, don’t forget to get that super chilled, bar shot that everybody looks for!

Nalu Bowls Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Nattering at Nalu Bowls Seminyak
Nalu Bowls Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Our beloved Nalu Bowls Seminyak

Shelter Seminyak

Just upstairs from Nalu Bowls is one of the coolest, greenest places to eat in Seminyak.

Perched on the second floor, this breezy roof-top cafe full of greenery, makes you feel like you are walking into a beautifully designed and very chic treehouse.

They serve a selection of delicious breakfast/lunch meals, including sourdough with smashed avocado, chia seed pudding, brunch burritos and more, as well as a variety of drinks.

All served up alongside some inspirational travel murals on its iconic white and green walls.

The perfect little hide-away to relax, enjoy some great food and get inspired!

Shelter Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
In love with Shelter’s inspiration wall quotes and delicious food
Shelter Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Shelter Seminyak nailed it with this delicious feast – another of our favourite Bali restaurants

Sea Circus

This famous colourful wall art at Sea Circus spread across Instagram in an instant.

However, apart from some great artwork, this restaurant and bar serves up a selection of delicious breakfast options from 7.30am to 12pm.

From chilli scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos to, of course, colourful acacia bowls, there are plenty of options.

Then from 12pm to 9.30pm they continue with the deliciousness in the form of Jamaican spiced chicken, Sumatran beef rendang, tuna nicoise salad and much more. Including some tasty vegetarian options.

Also of offer are some pretty creative cocktails, including a cannonball cooler or maybe a Sea Circus bloody mary to wash it all down!

Believe us when we say, the food here is just as impressive as the artwork! Sea Circus have nailed a unique style at their quirky diner cafe ranking high as one of the best restaurants in Bali.

Sea Circus Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
The famous wall art at Sea Circus Seminyak Bali
Sea Circus Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Our delicious meals at Sea Circus Seminyak Bali

Neon Palms

A sister chain to Sea Circus and located basically next door!

Neon Palms is essentially a cocktail bar come tapas restaurant and a great place to chill and take in the Seminyak vibes.

Serving a breakfast menu from 8am – 12pm and a lunch/dinner menu from 12pm – 11pm daily they offer a good variety of dishes, whether you are looking for breakfast or a main meal.

However, this is the perfect spot to enjoy some tapas or mini tacos accompanied by a drink from their comprehensive list of signature cocktails. There are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to choose from too.

With its recognisable colourful walls and awesome cheetah mural, Neon Palms is definitely not to be missed and one of our favourite chilled Bali restaurants!

Neon Palms Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Neon Palms is THE perfect cocktail and chill spot
Neon Palms Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Neon Palms serve up some of the prettiest and tastiest food in the area

Fatboy’s The Burger Bar Bali

Proudly established as the only burger bars in Bali, Fatboy’s serves up the buns that will put you into retirement.

With a typical American Diner layout, and some of the best burger and fries combo’s we’ve ever tasted, if you’re craving a juicy pattie, this is your spot!

With a variety of different burgers and some mouthwatering flavour combinations like jalapeno and blue cheese toppings, what’s not to like.

There are also a selection of delicious vegetarian options available.

With chains dotted around Asia, we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for other Fatboy’s on our travels.

Fatboy's Burger Bar Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Balitaurants - Best Restaurants In Seminyak
Getting stuck into a Fatboy’s Burger
Fatboy's Burger Bar Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Balitaurants - Best Restaurants In Seminyak
Fatboy’s Burger Bar Bali definitely put us into a food coma

Doncaster Eatery

Located just off the main strip in Seminyak, Doncaster Eatery is a hidden gem!

Serving food from 8am to 10pm, with one of their recommended signature dishes being the classic Benedict. Perfectly poached egg served on cashew-glazed doughnut with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and ham, makes for a great breakfast/brunch option.

With its beautiful interior design and simplistic menu we spent an evening at Doncaster Eatery dining in style. It’s very chic and classy, and the food follows.

Their kale salad was the yummiest salad we’ve tried in Bali. In addition, they nailed the Balinese style by adding the delicious tempe chips.

You must try the signature cocktail if you head to Doncaster Eatery.

Doncaster Eatery Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
The classy style and perfect presentation at Doncaster Eatery
Doncaster Eatery Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Close up of the exquisite food at Doncaster Eatery

Mad Pops

The best vegan ice-cream is found at the one and only Mad Pops Bali.

Ok, so it doesn’t fall into the Bali restaurants category – but these guys have taking the ice-cream world by storm!

Inspired by their love for ice-cream and a desire for a healthier alternative, the owners started with a small pop-up store.

Following the success of this, with locals as well as tourists loving their product, it wasn’t long before they opened a permanent shop.

You certainly don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy the delicious selection of coconut based ice-creams with some unusual flavours like matcha and coconut pandan. Or, their refreshing, tropical fruit popsicles with no sugar or additives.

This cute little ice-cream shop with its neon lighting and colourful ice-creams makes for a ‘must-have’ insta photo and you’d be ‘Mad’ not to visit!

There’s a Mad Pops in Canggu too!

Mad Pops Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Madly in love with Mad Pops!
Mad Pops Seminyak Best Restaurants In Seminyak Bali
Our fine Mad Pops ice creams

Best Restaurants in Berawa

The Savage Kitchen

The Savage Kitchen Bali is one of the cosiest spots in Berawa.

Easily one of the best restaurants in Bali, we visited just before sunset and had some of the tastiest vegan food of our lives. Highly recommend their pumpkin and tofu steak!

Using all fresh and organic ingredients and catering for every food preference, this restaurant serves stunning, bistro type food.

Choose between an interior that is furnished with elegant, long tables, low sofas and chic decor, or a beautiful, decked outside area. Wherever you sit, the Savage Kitchen is the perfect place for a special evening.

The sun set behind us, the candles came out and honestly we could have stayed there all night.

Savage Kitchen Berawa Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Tucking into a delicious spread at The Savage Kitchen
Savage Kitchen Berawa Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
A whole load of goodness in a romantic setting

Roti Daal

After a very long time of not eating Indian food, all of our senses were screaming when we walked into Roti Daal – the homestyle Indian restaurant.

Proudly presenting a menu that changes daily with dishes that are low in oil and contain no preservatives or added colours. Their curries and sauces are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

The spices, herbs and vegetables were bursting with flavour and colour. We recommend ordering a thali as the perfect way to try all the different options and sample recipes from across India

The selection of dishes remind your taste buds of how certain foods can be hugely complimented by Indian home cooked spices. The food is unique, vibrant and like no other cuisine in the world.

The best Indian food in Bali!

Roti Daal Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
The smells, the feel and the food will get you into the Indian spirit at Roti Daal
Roti Daal Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
The vibrant & tasty thali at Roti Daal Berawa

Bali Bowls & Smoothies

One of the tastiest and healthiest ways to start your day in Bali!

Bali Bowls & Smoothies set us up for a fresh day many times during our stay. With their banana and peanut butter smoothie bowls and fresh to death salad concoctions, we couldn’t recommend them more!

Amongst a varied food selection, they also have a good choice of vegan friendly dishes. All full of super fresh and tasty ingredients.

Factor in a warm welcome from the friendly staff and this results in a real relaxed and ‘home from home’ experience.

In addition, if you call in for lunch, there is a shaded terrace that’s a lovely cool spot to enjoy some of their delicious food.

Bali Bowls & Smoothies Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Bali Bowls & Smoothies – Our regular way of starting a day in Berawa
Bali Bowls & Smoothies Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Charlie’s is always the peanut butter choice!

Banh Mi & Beans

Fancy a little Vietnamese whilst in Bali?!

Specialities include the classic Vietnamese Banh Mi’s sandwiches using homemade French baguettes, as well as tasty vermicelli noodle bowls with your choice of meat. They also have vegetarian and vegan options!

The Asian/French fusion cuisine at Banh Mi hits the spot every time, with our favourite being the traditional pate and coriander mix-up, served in fresh soft baguettes!

To crush all your Vietnamese cravings whilst sipping a fresh coffee on the side, this is one of our favourite Bali restaurants and lunch spots.

Banh Mi And Beans Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Banh Mi & Beans and it’s huuuuuge Banh Mi painting on the wall
Banh Mi And Beans Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Banh Mi & Beans is serisouly delicious – especially this tofu Banh Mi!

Cinta Cafe

A modern cafe with an original Bali outlook.

Serving up all sorts of breakfast foods, from the traditional avo & eggs to some awesome smoothie bowls. You can also grab brunch burgers and pasta dinners at Cinta Cafe.

This is one of the popular cafes to eat and work in, with the staff happy for you to stay a while. Also, look out for the live music every Friday evening.

So, if you’re looking for a nice spot to chill, or maybe work, amongst the rice fields in the Canggu/Berawa area then this is definitely one of the best restaurants in Bali.

Cinta Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Cinta Cafe Berawa have beautifully presented food and delicious smoothies!
Cinta Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Bali
Cinta Cafe Berawa looks out onto the beautiful rice feilds

Coffee N Oven

Coffee N Oven was our regular spot before or after the gym. Or, when we needed our pie and mash fix!

A cute little spot just tucked up on the side of road, the name says it all. The perfect place for some good old comfort food.

From pastries to amazing smoothie bowls and, of course, some of the best coffee in Canggu, Coffee N Oven ticks all the boxes.

If you’re looking for something filling, we can highly recommend the ratatouille pie and mashed potato!

Coffee N Oven Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
Lauren was happy with her pie and mash choice!
Coffee N Oven Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
Coffee N Oven is a great spot for any meal of the day

Nude Canggu

Nude is one of the longest players in the Canggu restaurants game!

A sure go-to for all digital nomads with its inside, air-conditioned room always popular. Whilst its outdoor area with its stylistic approach is just as cool.

Serving up some of the healthiest and hippest breakfasts, lunches and dinners, we had to check it out for our first ever charcoal burger bun. As well as the smoothies which were some of the best we’ve tried in Canggu.

They offer a really varied menu from fruit bowls to American style pancakes for breakfast. With pasta, burgers and even fish and chips, just some of the options for later in the day.

The atmosphere at Nude is very relaxed, with good food, friendly staff and some nice music, making it, understandably, a very popular destination.

Nude Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
A happy visit is always guaranteed at Nude Canggu
Nude Canggu Best Restaurants In Canggu Restaurants Canggu Cafes
One of the best restaurants in Bali for its consistency

Kembali Berawa

An up-and-coming chic cafe selling the most delicious smoothies and offering a great, all-day, casual dining menu.

This is yet another stylish restaurant that maintains a laid back vibe and is popular with locals and tourists. A great spot to visit day or night.

Offering a variety of colourful cuisines, including European and Australian you are sure to find something to enjoy.

We visited Kembali Berawa on UK’s Pancake Day and enjoyed sweet waffles and fluffy pancakes. It’s fair to say we definitely didn’t walk away unsatisfied.

Kemabli Berawa Best Restaurants In Berawa Bali
A smoothie and pancake can make anyone happy
Wanderers & Warriors - Kembali Berawa - Best Restaurants In Bali Restaurants - Best Restaurants In Berawa
Kembali Berawa did good

Best Restaurants In Jimbaran

OPIA Dining

We couldn’t finish the blog without giving OPIA a mention!

We visited Opia for Valentine’s Day and not only was the food amazing, but the ambience and location was beautiful.

Located high on the top of limestone cliffs, the views from their wrap-around garden terrace are pretty spectacular.

Menus are updated daily to ensure that Opia’s ‘globally influenced dishes’ reflect seasonality and availability of ingredients.

Another interesting and unique idea is their menu layout which lists dishes under headings such as From The Ground, From The Bay and From The Farm. As well as From The Sugar Refinery for the delicious desserts!

If you’re looking for a Bali restaurant to use as a wedding venue, Opia is your place. Definitely one of the most romantic restaurants in Bali!

Wanderers & Warriors - Charlie & Lauren UK Travel Couple - Opia Jimbaran - Best Restaurants In Bali Restaurants - Best Restaurants In Jimbaran
Being all romantic on valentines day at Opia Jimbaran
OPIA Jimbaran Best Restaurants In Jimbaran Bali
Our starters and drinks at Opia

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30 Best Restaurants In Bali

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Bali is a very beautiful place for holidays.Its natural atmosphere Is great


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When I decided I wanted to travel Bali was my #1 goal, and this is making me want it so bad. But...I had to do my due diligence and hit Thailand and Vietnam first. Great post, can't wait to check these places out.

Also, are you two vegan? It's slowly seeming like everybody in Bali is!


Charlie Pauly

Monday 12th of February 2018

Haha that makes sense, although You will LOVE Bali! We're just vegetarian. :)


Thursday 1st of February 2018

Woow, just by looking at this pictures we got so hungry! Is it lunch time yet?! :D This will be handy for our trip to Bali in September, can't wait for that! Great post guys, you are such an inspiration

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Charlie Pauly

Thursday 1st of February 2018

Haha I know right! Take not and make a list. Canggu is unreal for food you'll love it :)