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Salagdoong Beach In Siquijor – A Complete Guide

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor was one of our favourite spots on the island. With insane cliff jumps and a beautiful beach, here’s all the visiting info.

How To Get To Salagoong Beach Siquijor

Salagdoong Beach is located on the Eastern side of Siquijor, around a 30 minute drive from Cambugahay Falls and an hour from Paliton Beach.

The best way to get around Siquijor is to rent scooters for around 350 Pesos per day and explore. If you’re not confident on scooters there are always locals hanging around on trikes, just make sure to barter the price before you ride.

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor is easy to find via google maps or by following road signs. Once you hit the paved road through the forrest you’re almost there!

For those short on time, or that prefer everything to be organised for them, there are some awesome tours on Get Your Guide available to book in advance.

One of the popular day trips is Dumaguete: Siquijor Island & Cambugahay Falls Private Tour.

Salagdoong Beach Entrance Fee

Adults: 30 Pesos per person

Parking: 20 Pesos per bike

Beach Huts: 200 Pesos per day

There is a small restaurant serving food on site.

All items on the menu, from noodles to rice and curry, are around 200 Pesos.

Salagdoong Beach Opening Times

There are no clear opening hours for Salagdoong Beach itself, as the complex is also a part of the Salagdoong Beach Resort.

However, the public canteen is open daily from 8:00am – 10:00pm.

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor Salagdoong Beach Resort Siquijor Cliff Jump
Don’t forget to grab a local ice cream on the way out

Best Time To Visit + Tips

The best time to visit the Philippines is between November and April, the island’s dry season.

Siquijor is good to visit anytime within these dates as it’s so spaced out that it doesn’t seem to get too touristy.

As with any attraction, the earlier the better, and Salagdoong is no different.

We visited once early in the morning and had the whole place to ourselves, and again in the afternoon when there were a handful of tourists jumping from the platforms and the beach was a lot busier.

What To Pack

DSLR Camera: Canon EOS 90D

Tripod: Zomei Z666 Tripod

Day Bag: Manfrotto Manhattan Mover-50

Reusable Water Bottle: Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Sunscreen: Banana Boat Sunscreen SPF-50

Microfibre Towel: Microfibre Quick Dry Towel

Underwater Camera: GoPro HERO7

Waterproof Phone Case: LifeProof Fre Waterproof Phone Case

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor Salagdoong Beach Resort Siquijor Cliff Jump
The entrance to Salagdoong Beach Siquijor

What To Expect At Salagdoong Beach Siquijor

Epic cliff jumps and a beautiful little beach!

Salagdoong Beach is located on the Eastern point of Siquijor, and is actually owned and operated by Hotel Agripino (the Salagdoong Beach Resort).

The resort is open daily to visitors, and tourists, wishing to experience a small slice of the paradise they have to offer.

The beach is an extremely relaxed scene, where you can really take in the atmosphere of the remote Philippines island.

Many people head to Salagdoong Beach simply for the snorkelling and diving opportunities, which are both accessible by simply walking out into the ocean.

Whilst relaxing on Salagdoong Beach, we saw plenty of tourists heading out with their snorkels in hand, ready to hit the turquoise waters and explore alongside the tropical fish.

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor Salagdoong Beach Resort Siquijor Cliff Jump
Lauren anticipating the big blue slide!
Salagdoong Beach Siquijor Salagdoong Beach Resort Siquijor Cliff Jump
Salagdoong Beach from above
Salagdoong Beach Siquijor Salagdoong Beach Resort Siquijor Cliff Jump
And off to the beach we go!
Salagdoong Beach Siquijor Salagdoong Beach Resort Siquijor Cliff Jump
Blue waters and a lot of sunshine

The Salagdoong Beach Cliff Jump

Aside from the beautiful beach and resort that can be found at Salagdoong Beach Siquijor, the majority of tourists head to this iconic location to fling themselves off of ledges up to 35 feet high.

There are two concrete ledges to jump from. The smaller a modest 20 foot jump, and the larger nearly double standing at 35 foot high.

The jumps are relatively fool proof, just stay as safe as possible by holding a pencil like position and don’t hesitate.

Also, make sure to check for anyone below before jumping, and do not risk jumping at low tide. The jumps should be closed off by the owners if the tide is too shallow to jump into.

For those a little less keen on flinging themselves off giant concrete slabs into the ocean, there’s also an awesome slide that drops you straight into the water from a much lower height.

These Siquijor cliff jumping spots have become extremely well known, mainly due to viral images of the location on social media, and over previous years this has massively influenced the tourism boom on the island of Siquijor.

All in all, the Salagdoong Beach cliff jump is a great spot to spend the day at, or even an afternoon once you’ve visited Cambugahay Falls.

Salagdoong Beach Cliff Jump Siquijor Philippines Things To Do In Siquijor
Lauren debating whether to take the plunge from the 20ft Salagdoong Beach Cliff Jump
Salagdoong Beach Cliff Jump Siquijor Philippines Things To Do In Siquijor
Charlie giving it his all!

Where To Stay In Siquijor

Luxury – Mandala Tribe Treehouses

Mandala Tribe Treehouses are a 3-star property and one of the most luxurious available on the remote island.

Featuring a garden, this accommodation has air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom.

A terrace, a garden view and a wardrobe come with all rooms.

Mid-Budget – Monkey Business Bungalows

Monkey Business Bungalows is a branch off from the popular on-site restaurant. 

The units at the resort offer easy access to the bar.

All rooms feature a private bathroom and free WiFi.

Budget – Amber Homestay

With barbecue facilities and a garden, Amber Homestay is located in a prime location on Siquijor. 

Air-conditioning and free WiFi come as standard.

Some of the rooms feature a seating area with a flat-screen TV, and a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area. Some units have a terrace and/or balcony.

For more places to stay in Siquijor, you can check the latest prices on

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