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9 Best Waterfalls In The Philippines

Here’s our pick of the best waterfalls in the Philippines. All of which include crystal blue waters and even some rope swings.

1. Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world, and is definitely one of the best Philippines waterfalls you can visit.

Located in the town of Badian, on the West coast of Cebu island, most tourists choose to stay in the nearby town of Moalboal when visiting Kawasan Falls.

Compared to Badian, there’s much more to do in the town of Moalboal, and it’s better built for tourists.

Diving in Moalboal is one of the most popular activities, as well as snorkelling the famous sardine run.

There are a few accommodations in Badian town, however Moalboal is just a 20 minute tricycle ride away from the falls.

You can visit the falls for the day as a tourist and take photos/swim for just 40 PHP entrance fee.

However, the best option is to Kawasan Falls Canyoneering & Cliff Jump Private Tour and enjoy a full day of adrenaline activities!

From rope swings, to cliff jumps, we highly recommend it!

There are a few tiers to Kawasan falls, although the main section (shown below in the photo) is where most people head to.

There are bamboo rafts that you can pay to ride under the falls. As well as a restaurant to fuel up on noodles and rice.

Canyoneering Kawasan Falls Tour Things To Do In Moalboal Philippines Waterfall
One of the most highly rated Philippines waterfalls

2. Aguinid Falls

Aguinid Falls is one of the lesser known waterfalls in the Philippines, however it turned out to be one of our favourites.

Located in the South West region of Cebu island, it’s best visited from Oslob. Or you may choose to stop off when travelling down from Moalboal to Santander.

Unlike most Philippines waterfalls, this five tier paradise is not one for sightseeing. It is one you have to climb, jump and fully emerge yourself into.

So the first thing you need to know about Aguinid Falls is that you WILL get wet!

It’s more of an adventure day out, and a great activity for families or friends. You are taken by a guide through the carefully thought out route and shown exactly where you can swim, jump and take photos along the way.

The falls themselves are beautiful! Different tiers lead through the deep green jungle, and the crystal blue waters are so refreshing.

We recommend some kind of trainers or wet shoes, and a dry bag for your guide to carry your belongings in. Both of which can be rented at the falls.

You can leave your clothes/belongings at the entrance with the ticketing officer, however you’ll likely want to take your cameras/phones and let your guide carry them in the wet bag.

Aguinid Falls Cebu Waterfalls Aguinid Falls Samboan
The journey to get to Aguinid Falls was incredible.

3. Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls is a little out the way of Moalboal, however we’ve included it for the explorers.

Located 45 mins south of Oslob on Cebu island, the first thing we have to stress is to make sure to check with your accommodation how much rain fall they’ve had recently.

When we visited Tumalog Falls, the area had just suffered a major drought, and the waterfall was a little underwhelming.

The potential of it looked great though, and if you’re looking for somewhere to cool off after a day exploring this is ideal.

Tumalog is still a huge cascading waterfall, with a turquoise pool at the feet of the falls for swimming in.

Another thing to be aware of is the 500 metre walk down from car park, along an easy flat road. However, on the way the way back up it was a little more difficult. There is an option to catch a lift with a driver back to the car park for 30 Pesos.

Overall, the sheer size of Tumalog Falls is incredible, and the many paths of water make it a beautiful spot to relax in.

Tumalog Falls In Oslob Waterfalls Tumalog Falls Oslob
Tumalog Falls was nice, but be sure to get the timing right.

4. Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls is the one of the most famous things to do in Siquijor on the island.

Known for it’s crystal blue waters and rope swings, the falls are located towards the East side of the island, and are around a 40 minute drive from Paliton Beach.

The best way to get around Siquijor is to rent scooters for around 350 Pesos per day and explore.

Many tourists head to the falls to hang out, cool off, and take photos, although it wasn’t as busy as we expected and we visited at around midday.

We paid 50 Pesos for unlimited swings on the rope, and spent a good couple of hours just hanging out at Cambugahay Falls. There are three different tiers to explore so you can literally spend hours here.

The locals were super friendly and enthusiastic, welcoming us into one of most visited Philippines waterfalls.

We’ve since returned three times in total to Siquijor and Cambugahay is definitely one of our favourite waterfalls in the Philippines.

Cambugahay Falls Siquijor Best Waterfalls Philippines
Of all the Philippines waterfalls, Cambugahay Falls is one of our favourites

5. Lugnason Falls

Lugnason Falls is another gem on Siquijor island, and one that has improved greatly over the years.

We visiting Lugnasoon Falls twice, once in December 2017 when it was just a pretty waterfall and a photo spot. And again in February 2019, where it has since been turned into an epic waterfall playground.

We couldn’t believe it as we turned the corner to see tourists swinging and flipping from all angles.

With stunning scenery leading up to it, there’s now free parking as you arrive. From the car park you can head straight down the steps to the falls.

It’s an easy 10 minute walk down from the parking area, so completely suitable for all fitness levels.

There are two high jumping points at Lugnason, and the falls are much more peaceful and less touristy than any of the waterfalls in the Philippines we’ve been to.

Hidden amongst the jungle, if you’re looking for a sweet spot to kill an hour or so at, then Lugnason falls is definitely worth stopping by.

Lugnason Falls Siquijor Waterfalls Philippines Waterfalls
Lugnason Falls was hidden down in the jungle

6. Damiao Twin Falls

As far as Bohol waterfalls go, Dimiao Twin Falls (sometimes referred to as Pahangog Falls) is certainly the prettiest to look at.

From Tagbilaran to Dimiao Twin Falls, the drive took us just over 1 hour on scooter.

Once you arrive at the entrance there’s a 1km scenic walk down, which is a little adventurous and can get muddy in places, so take it easy!

It seemed the falls were not very well known or open to the public when we visited in 2017, and we were the only people there.

Never the less it was a great afternoon adventure and the water is very deep around the middle of the pool so great for swimming.

Around the sides you can sit on the rocks and enjoy the surroundings, or even lay in one of the rubber rings that were tied up at the side.

Dimiao Twin Falls Bohol Waterfalls
Dimiao Twin Falls is now one of the top Bohol tourist spots

7. Ingkumhan Falls

Ingkumhan Falls was certainly our preferred of the two Philippines waterfalls we found on Bohol.

It’s an off the beaten track destination with a beautiful, scenic walk down. From the parking spot it took roughly 15 minutes to reach the falls, and again we were the only people there!

The waters are crystal clear, so you might even spot some fish swimming around your feet, and there’s also a swing and a jumping spot which obviously kept Charlie entertained!

The grounds are not huge, but if you’re looking for a cool spot to adventure to for the afternoon it’s definitely worth the journey.

Of all the Bohol tourist spots, Ingkumhan Falls should definitely be considered as one of the top things to do on the island.

Ingkumhan Falls Bohol Waterfalls
Charlie in his element at Ingkumhan Falls

8. Casaroro Falls

Casaroro Falls is located in Valencia, around a 30 minute drive from Dumaguete City.

This stunning waterfall flows from a sheer drop of 30 metres.

The waterfall itself is not very touristy, so on your way down, you’ll probably only pass one or two tourists. Also there is no marked route to the falls but it’s easy enough to find.

All in all, the trek to the falls should take around 30 minutes (at slow place).

Although you’ll be able to hear the power of Casaroro Falls from all around you, the beauty of it will pop up out of nowhere. We peeked around the corner and suddenly there it was.

If you’re staying in Dumaguete and have a spare afternoon, we highly recommend this incredible hidden spot.

Casaroro Falls Dumaguete Casaroro Falls Valencia Things To Do In Dumaguete
Casaroro Falls Dumaguete Casaroro Falls Valencia Things To Do In Dumaguete

9. Pulangbato Falls

Pulangbato Falls is located in Valencia, around a 30 minute drive from Dumaguete City.

These falls are perfect if you’re traveling alone, for family days out or even for couples. It’s completely safe and suitable for children and any tourist.

When you arrive, you park up and walk in. There is no hike involved, just a whole lot of beauty to take in.

There are other smaller falls at this cute tourist destination, but the big Pulangbato Falls is hard to miss.

With two small cafes, one being really local and another more bistro – Pulangbato Falls is the perfect place to chill for an afternoon.

Chasing waterfalls is a favourite with us and definitely one of the best things to do in the Philippines.

Pulangbato Falls Dumaguete Pulangbato Falls Valencia Things To Do In Dumaguete
Pulangbato Falls Dumaguete Pulangbato Falls Valencia Things To Do In Dumaguete

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7 Best Waterfalls In The Philippines