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2 Weeks In South India Itinerary – The Perfect Guide

The perfect 2 weeks in South India itinerary is tough with so much to see and do. Here we’ve tried to narrow it down to all the best bits.

How To Get Around South India

Depending on your budget, you have a few choices when it comes to travelling around the South of India.


Not the cheapest way to travel, but it is possible to fly between many of the major cities in the South of India. With many international and domestic airports spread across this region.


Southern India has a very good rail network and this is definitely one of the best ways to get around.

You can purchase a range of different tickets that offer varying degrees of comfort. From cheaper wooden seats in packed carriages to luxurious, air conditioned seating.

The choice is yours with hopefully something for everyones budget.

In addition, an overnight sleeper train is a good option for any long journeys.


It’s not recommended that you drive yourself in Southern India but renting a car and driver is something that is widely offered across all of India.


Buses are a good option for shorter distances or when there isn’t a train station in the town you are visiting.

These can usually be booked from your accommodation and work out as one of the cheapest ways to travel.

Just check what you are getting when you book as there are a variety of buses, ranging from hot and uncomfortable to more luxurious and air conditioned.


Some of the best days out we had in Southern India were on private tours.

For those short on time, or that prefer everything to be organised for them, there are some awesome tours on Get Your Guide available to book in advance.

From city tours, to boat trips and sight seeing tours, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Best Time To Visit South India

Southern India has some beautiful beaches and tropical backwaters that are best enjoyed during the sunny months from September to February.

Monsoon season is generally during the months of June, July and August, when there are torrential downpours and high humidity.

However, following the monsoon months, Southern India offers up a lush green landscape that is breathtaking to explore.

Remember, this is just a guide, so you may want to mix it up and add/subtract different attractions. 

What To Pack

Photography Camera


Day Bag

Power Bank

Reusable Water Bottle


Lightweight Rain Jacket

2 Weeks In South India Itinerary


A bus down from Udaipur and our first stop in the South was Mumbai. This has got to be the craziest place in India but we absolutely adored it!

If you’re heading to Mumbai, you will find that the train system is organised chaos in the best possible way!

The Dharavi Slums are an absolute must-see for an insight into how this massive area functions and to meet the friendly and resourceful people who live there.

This has to be one of the best things to do in India and with every tour imaginable in Mumbai, a few of the most popular are:

Ethical Dharavi Walking Tour with Options

Private Full-Day Sightseeing Tour of the City

However, if you plan on doing Mumbai alone, with so much to do and see around the capital, it may be worth arranging a Private Car Hire with Professional Driver to explore at ease.

This way you can enjoy your day in Mumbai at your own pace, with the best way to see the entire city and all it has to offer, in the most comfortable way.

So if travelling in southern India, just make sure you save plenty of time to go out and see the city that never sleeps. Mumbai has to be a must on your 2 week South India itinerary!

Gateway Of India Mumbai 2 week South India itinerary
Charlie at the centre of Mumbai – Gateway Of India.


Goa is a state in western India with beautiful coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea and is the main beach destination in India.

Its long history as a Portuguese colony, prior to 1961, is evident in its stunning 17th-century churches and the area’s tropical spice plantations.

However, Goa is most commonly known for its beautiful beaches though. These range from popular stretches at Baga and Palolem to others in laid-back fishing villages such as Agonda.

Indians flock to Goa for their summer vacations, whilst westerners also head over for a piece of the sunshine.

There are certainly beach resorts a plenty however, we were lucky enough to catch it in down season, so it was probably a lot calmer than usual when we visited. We can imagine it turns into quite the party place come peak season!

This stop, on the South coast, is definitely where it’s all happening and has to be including in the 2 week south India itinerary.

For those short on time, or that prefer everything to be organised for them, we recommend booking a Private Full-Day Sightseeing Highlights Tour

Indian Thali Goa 2 week South India itinerary
A typical south Indian curry and chapati.


For us Hampi was our little gem amidst the madness of India.

A lot of people don’t realise Hampi even exists until they arrive in India and begin talking to other travellers that have already discovered this lovely spot.

This fascinating village with its huge boulder formations feels like it has come straight out of ‘The Flintstones’. Along with its really laid back vibes, Hampi is right up there with our favourite places to visit in the country.

If you’re looking to visit Hampi straight from Goa, you can even arrange a Hampi 2-Day Sightseeing Tour from Goa.

This ancient village is great to explore by bicycle and not being overly popular with tourists, it makes for the ideal place to escape from the madness.

We certainly recommend taking the time to explore the older temples and markets in the village. So, if you have time definitely add Hampi to your 2 week South India itinerary!

Hampi Ruins 2 week South India itinerary
The ancient city of Hampi is worth squeezing into your 2 week South India itinerary


The final stop on our 2 week, South India itinerary is the beautiful backwaters and canals of Kerala.

This is the perfect place to end your 2 weeks in southern India and gives you time to take a moment to reflect on your travels.

Most popular for its Kerala Backwaters, most people tend to stay in the Fort Cochi area of Kerala.

From there you can plan a day out exploring on a traditional non-mechanised country boat.

This will take you cruising along the lush backwaters of Kerala as well as visiting villages to see coconut palm weaving and coir making.

There are two types of Kerala Backwaters Tours to choose from and the easiest way to book is online in advance:

Half-Day Kerala Backwaters Tour

Full-Day Kerala Backwaters Tour + Fort Kochi Tour

Both of these tours include lunch and will pick you up from a meeting point in Fort Cochin.

We cruised down the river on a full day, house boat tour, for 7 hours of sheer relaxation. It was such an awesome way to wind down from the hectic journey we’d been on through India and the ideal final place to visit on a 2 week South India itinerary.

Kerala Backwaters Tour Kerala 2 week South India itinerary
Lauren cruising through Kerala backwaters on the final stop of our 2 week South India itinerary

Where To Stay In India

For pre-booking accommodation when travelling, we always recommend!

From 5 star hotels, to budget backpacker hostels, it’s got everything and the site is super easy to use.

So to compare deals, and pre-book all of your 2 week Rajasthan itinerary accommodation, you can check the latest prices on

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